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Renata Irvine

I first met Heather at the Running Room where she was giving some informative information to all the runners before the group was heading out! That night I had injured myself during the run, knowing that Heather was a Chiropractor I emailed her that night to explain my situation and she got me an appointment to see her the very next day. In just one visit after seeing Heather I started to experience relief.   After receiving just a few more treatments, her impressive skills seem to have done the trick on the problem I had!  I have had great results with my treatments and I would highly recommend Dr. Heather White to anyone that is needing treatment. She's amazing!

Danielle Downs

Dr. Heather White is an extremely knowledgeable, compassionate chiropractor. I recommend booking in with her wholeheartedly. If you are in need of a professional who can address complex body needs, as well as work with you as a whole person, Dr. Heather White is who you’re seeking.

She is fearless, practical and embodies the sort of ease that comes from an educated, experienced individual. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was eleven years old; and Heather took the time to go over my medical history with me, as well as taking the time to discover more personal information; asking about nutrition, exercise and my personal goals. The quality of her questions was touching to me, as far too often the medical profession cannot —or will not— take the time to get to know their patient. I appreciated her confidence and communication. She advised that she intended to work with Active Release Techniques in and around my neck in order to safely relieve my pain - it works!

Heather is very prepared, and I strongly believe that Heather has my best interests in mind. She meets me where I am on any given day, beyond judgement, while she efficiently works with my body. Each time I leave the office, I feel so incredibly good.

I feel so fortunate to have met Heather. My respect for her continues to grow with each visit. Thank you for helping me create healing and strength in my life!

Scott Berry

I am very impressed and thankful for Heather and the staff at Valleyview Chiropractic. I have been a client for a couple of years now and the service and therapy has always been second to none. Heather is one of the best chiropractors that I have ever been to. She has helped me on many occasions in getting back on my feet after sustaining some fairly serious injuries. I would not hesitate in recommending Heather and the rest of the awesome staff at Valleyview Chiropractic. They definitely get a five star rating!!!


I heard about Dr. White and Valleyview Chiropractic through friends and with my constant back issues decided to give chiropractic treatments a try. The knowledge and expertise, family like atmosphere and great results convinced me to stay in regular treatments for overall wellness. Dr. White is fantastic and always has exercise/stretching suggestions that I can utilize on a daily basis.

Jill Mitchell Nielsen

I found Heather to be an incredibly empathetic practitioner, with a wealth of knowledge she was keen to share. Her way of practicing presents often complicated health care information in plain talk and she encourages questions. She never seems in a hurry and has a deep sense of commitment to her patients’ well being. My case was particularly challenging and I appreciated how much time and effort she spent learning about my condition and working with me to treat it. She absolutely exceeded my expectations and clearly sets a high standard of care for her patients. I would unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone seeking chiropractic care.

Karin and Bill Arkinstall, MD

Both of us have had assessments and treatments with Dr. Heather White at Valleyview Chiropractic.  She has invariably provided us with exceptionally thoughtful, compassionate, timely and professional care, including telephone follow-up after treatment.   We have frequently recommended her care to our associates.

Heather Robertson

I first went to see Dr. White at Valleyview Chiropractic because of a week long headache. She fit me in on very short notice and later that evening she called me to make sure I was feeling better which I thought was above and beyond. I go see her now every month and I look forward to Dr. White’s kind-hearted personality and friendly, welcoming team every treatment I receive! She gives great advice on what things I can do to relieve pain and to improve my overall health. Dr. White has a great sense of humor and remembers details about you that make you realize she is invested in you as well as your health. One of the things I also appreciate is that she is always on time for my appointment.  I have definitely recommended her office to family and friends!! 

Amanda H.

I came to see Dr. Heather White as a first time client about six months ago. I had never seen a chiropractor before and after trying massage and physiotherapy on my hip and groin, I was still not making any progress with this particular injury after almost two years. Dr. Heather and I spent my first visit getting familiar with my injury; the cause, what my daily routines were, what kind of activity I did and what treatment I had tried. I was nervous about ‘cracking’ but I soon discovered there is much more involved, and for my particular injury, my treatment was more muscle manipulation and the movement of joints. After our first session, she gave me a treatment plan to work on at home, and called me later that night to see how things were feeling. Within five visits, I had 100% mobility back in my hip and groin, no pain, and have now got her working on my rotator cuff. It’s improving dramatically. I recommend Valleyview Chiropractic and Dr. Heather White. The front desk ladies are also fantastic and friendly and always get me in for an appointment quickly.  


Many thanks to Dr. White for her chiropractic assistance in helping me cope with chronic neck pain and migraines.  Her warm and genuine bedside manner is much appreciated, and I feel better after every visit. Betty, Corrine and Colleen at the front are just lovely and do everything they can to accommodate patients scheduling needs.

Louise Voyer

Dr. Heather White really helped me using Active Release Therapy for painful shoulder spasms. She is very professional, a good listener and very willing to offer exercises and advice that proved very helpful to me during my course of treatment.

Corey Makortoff

I have been seeing Dr. Heather White for all of my chiropractic treatment since I moved to Kelowna four years ago. I continue to visit Valleyview because of the highly skilled professional care I receive.  They are always able to accommodate me when need be.  Heather goes out of her way to help me and takes great pride in her work and what she does.  She’s fantastic and I’d highly recommend her to everybody!   It’s a great feeling to always leave the office with that sense of feeling well cared for!

Trish Cenci

When I have an appointment with Heather, I know that I will not only get a Chiropractic Adjustment, I will also receive helpful knowledge and advice about stretching and exercises to support my treatment, which is realistic for my lifestyle and needs. I absolutely recommend Heather!

Carri Lawrence

I started seeing David several year's ago when I started having issues with my hamstring while trailrunning. I was a little skeptical to go to a chiropractor but he was well recommended by my running coach. After seeing David for the first time, I was convinced he was not your typical chiropractor. I was expecting the typical 5 minute visit with a couple cracks and turns and off I go. David spent over 45 minutes with me assessing my issue, and then did a series of active release techniques (ART) and showed me several exercises to work on in between our sessions. I never felt that I was obligated to come see him on a regular basis. In fact, I saw him periodically off and on depending how I was feeing. Since this time, I have trusted David and appreciated his knowledge and expertise. In January 2014, after several weeks of pain and frustration with physiotherapists, I learned I had a fracture in my back and osteoarthritis in my hip. I had registered for the 120 mile TransRockies Trail Race in Colorado in August 2014 and pretty much figured there was no way I would be able to train for this race, let alone finish it. I sent David the X-rays right away, and he told me there is no reason I can't keep training for this race and finish it. David worked with me off and on over the 7 months I trained, performing ART and showing me exercises to continue to work on to build my core muscles and strengthen areas I was weak. I believe his confidence and advice allowed me to not only finish the TransRockies race, but finish it uninjured. I can't thank David enough for his patience, confidence and advice.

Leigh-Ann Yannow

I really appreciated how well David listened to everything I said.  He has incredible knowledge of the human body, how it moves, and being able to pin point where and why an issue is occurring.

Neil Wyper

After many years of running, I injured my ankle.  Three years later, it still hadn't healed properly, and running and walking were painful. David has worked with me to improve the flexibility of my ankle, and his treatments have significantly reduced the pain I experience when I run.  I am grateful for David's patience and perseverance as he worked out a solution for my ongoing problem.

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